Photoshop/design Request

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Photoshop/design Request

Post by Arbogeddon »

Hey guys, I have a favor to ask of you that are specialized in the design and editing of photos. It's a bit personal, and would prefer to share the picture with only the person doing so. I have an uncle who has passed away, and have a gift idea for his 3 siblings: my mother, aunt, and other uncle.
Basically there is a picture of the four of them sitting together; I would like for someone to uh, edit/transform him into an angel-like figure: as realistic as possible. My family is religious, and therefor would be wonderful if done correctly.

I have two options, of either asking help from you all, or paying big bucks to a drawing scetcher. I can pay if necessary, and don't worry- if no one can do so no hard feelings. It was worth a try. Thanks guys/gals.
(I just woke up, and so if this makes little to zero sense I apologize. I can describe more once the person sees the picture.)
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Re: Photoshop/design Request

Post by [SpA]SaintK »

I hope you'll find someone.

I did something like it, had someone colourize an old photograph of my grandmother and gave it to my parents and siblings. They loved it!

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Re: Photoshop/design Request

Post by [SpA]OliveOyl »

There are here great Photoshop artists around here
Let me know if you nobody replays I can ask around for you :D

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Re: Photoshop/design Request

Post by minerrobinotten »

depends, i think i can give him some kind of wings and a slight glowing light around him or something (your choice of course),
but i am not a real "professional"
i can edit a random google picture if you want to see results before youe give me the personal picture if you want to.
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