Ban Procedure

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Ban Procedure

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The ban procedure should be followed in most cases, but admins reserve the right to use their own discretion practically. The general procedure should be as followed:
  • First Offence - The offending parties will be warned,
  • Second Offence - The offending parties will be warned a second time.
  • Third Offence - The offending parties shall have minor actions taken against them such as a kick or mute
  • Fourth Offence - The offending parties shall have those same actions taken against them
  • Fifth Offence - The offending parties will be banned from our server.
In the case of serious offences the offending parties may be instantly banned. In most cases, this would result in a ban that can not be appealed.

We as a community believe in second chances and everyone deserves their right to have one. If you feel that you were wrongly banned or deserve a second chance, appeal. We have a section designated for appeals which can be found here. Please, before posting, take the time to read This Post about the format in which the appeal should be done in.

In most cases bans appeals are likely to be accepted; however, the responsibility for replying and reviewing the ban is the sole responsibility of the admin who issued the ban. Posting on a ban appeal that does not concern you will result in serious implications. This includes but is not limited to: Posting links to the correct post format, Discussing the ban and deciding if the topic should be locked.