Discord Link-Through and Rules
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Author:  [SpA]AwesomeFriends [ 13 Nov 2021, 17:36 ]
Post subject:  Discord Link-Through and Rules

Welcome to the SpecialAttack.net Forums!
If you're here that must mean you're looking for our Discord.
There are a few rules we need to discuss before you join.

First and foremost we are a pretty relaxed community so rules are pretty few and far between, but the rules we do have are pretty important.

The Rules:
Rule 1: Have fun! - We're all here to have a good time so don't be a downer.
Rule 2: No hate speech. - Of any kind. This includes homophobia, racism, or just plain bullying. There's no room for that stuff here.
Rule 3: Speak English! - Our community is full of people from all around the world so English is the universal language we use.
Rule 4: Stay on topic. - Use the designated channels for the designated topics. Our general topic is the second from the top, below announcements.
Rule 5: Absolutely no spam. - Sending the same message over and over again or posting suspicious links is almost always an instant ban. DON'T DO IT.
Rule 6: No NSFW. - No nudity, overly vulgar language, or explicit content of any kind is allowed for new members. You just met us, why would you want to show us that?
Rule 7: Have fun! - Our first and last rule is always to have fun. If you're here we want the experience to be the best it can be.

Sound simple enough? Then feel free to join us!
There's almost always someone online to talk to, we play all kinds of games, and best of all it's free!

By joining you also agree to Discord's Terms of Service. Any breach of these terms may result in a permanent ban.
SpecialAttack staff reserve the right to remove you from the server at any time for any reason without warning.

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