xFazeyy: X-Ray Application

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xFazeyy: X-Ray Application

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When: 2016-08-20
Who: _BlueFlame_
Reason Given: X-Ray

Cause i've played this server since the first launch. I played alot with my irl friend Kryptopex, And KkAps. We had great times, and now that me and kryptopex are friends now. We really wanna play together and have fun, And i like the staff they are very nice, and mature. And i've got friends from the server since i started and those friends are called: isaaqcool, and lots more. but i don't think they play anymore. i will try get them back on.
So yeah.

Now i can admit to xraying 2 times, After _BlueFlame_ Warned me 2 times, after the 3rd time i was not hacking or used any textrue pack with xray in it. It was totally legit. And i died several times and lost my items, so i searched up on YouTube how to find diamonds easily. And i watched this video: https://youtu.be/jpjz5pJ0FMU?t=306 its the 4th step, strip mining. Finding a cave and mining around. And i'f you still don't belive me. I'm sorry.
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Re: xFazeyy: X-Ray Application

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Well, as you know X-raying isn't allowed on this server (for obvious reasons), and for some players to practice it yields an unfair advantage. Expect a more severe ban if this sorta thing happens again. Do not attempt in any way to cover up use of X-raying, if you do we will find out. Enjoy the game, play by the rules, I am sure we can put this behind us.

Appeal: Accepted
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