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PostPosted: 07 Aug 2011, 11:32 
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After a great deal of discussion last night in Mumble, a discussion that had representation from every rank os SMP, we now have agreed on a definitive set of guidelines as to what constitutes grief on our SMP server. These guidelines are to be implemented immediately by all players and they will be enforced by the Admin team. There is a lot of information here I know but it is your responsibility as players on this server to understand what is and is not acceptable.

- Grief is defined on our servers as a deliberate attempt to disrupt the game of another and attempt to stop them enjoying their time with us.
- This server is an open PVP server. The killing of players is allowed.
- The server provides LWC for the locking of chests, doors, trapdoors and signs and provides the Residence plugin allowing you to purchase an area containing your build and protect it from any harm. Failure to use these plugins to prevent damage to or loss of your property is your decision and the server will not take action on your behalf. This means that if you do not lock your chests / doors / etc and you are robbed, that is simply part of the game. The admin team will take no action!
- An attempt to rob or kill a player that results in a reasonable amount of property damage is acceptable. If someone breaks a few blocks of your unprotected house to get to you or your belongings, they have done nothing wrong.
- If, while attempting to rob or kill you, an unnecessary amount of damage is caused to property, this shall be deemed grief and the attacking player will be punished. Unnecessary damage shall also include the removal of potentially valuable blocks from the structure of the build, such as precious blocks (diamond, gold, iron, lapis), pistons, coloured/plain wool, glowstone, redstone and obsidian
- If you protect only small sections of your build or attempt to subvert the purpose of the Residence plugin by zoning only the outer wall, it will not be considered grief if a players tunnels or scaffolds around your defences. Any unprotected build, even if it is part of a larger protected build, is fair game as long as you keep in mind what is reasonable and proportional, as stated
- If a property lacks protection, you are not given carte blanche to destroy it. All builds are considered the property of their builder and wanton destruction of property will be punished.
- Caves and land not explicitly included within your residence are not your property and you have no claim to them. If you begin mining a plot of land or cave system and another player tries to mine the same spot, no action will be taken by the admin team. The is Survival Multi-player, and just as you must defend yourself against the environment, you must also defend against players. Diplomacy is always a better option and a good player can likely be reasoned with (we have a big map, brimming with resources - ask them to dig elsewhere!) but should that fail, you can defend your land by any means at your disposal.
- While PVP is allowed, and indeed encouraged, repeated PVP on the same person or spawn camping that person is considered a deliberate attempt to disrupt their game and will not be tolerated. Spawn camping is nothing more than bullying people who attempt this will be deal with very harshly by Admin. If you feel you have a legitimate grievance with a player, do not try and act out your vengeance by killing them over and over. Report their actions to an OP+ to have the matter mediated.

- As always, our punishments must be just, appropriate and proportional.
- First offences can often be resolved by an explanation of the appropriate rule and a quiet chat with the offender.
- Failure to listen to or respond to an admin should be dealt with as is appropriate for the situation: Teleport them to the prison above babel, attack/kill them and so on
- Persistent breaches of the rules should be dealt with by removal of property (where theft or damage is the issue), fines through iConomy (to reimburse the wronged party if needed) or kicking them from the server.
- A ban should only be issued if the person flagrantly disregards our rules or if the person is clearly out only to do harm and is not here to play the game at all
- As ever, punishments and bans must not be appealed in-game. All appeals of any nature must be dealt with in the forums - NO EXCEPTIONS.

- Guests will, by and large, operate under a different set of rules as we need to give them time to take in all the information offered. Isolated events that breach our rules will not be punished but repeated incidents will.
- We ask our players to be more lenient with guests. PVP on guests (unless you are defending yourself or it is definitely mutually accepted) will be frowned upon. Guests start with very little and while they are easy targets, attacking a guest is fruitless as they have nothing of value. (The caveat to that statement being if a guest robs you, you are of course fine to kill them to retrieve your stuff, as with any normal player).
- If a guest breaks our rules, our first course of action must always be re-education, not admonishment. Minecraft is a unique and bizarre game, and I would ask everyone to think back to their first few minutes of playtime when dealing with a Guest

"Fire rained from the sky on the day I was born: 10,000 lives I ended before drawing first breath. Do not speak to me of guilt or regret, Jonathan.” - Brayan, The Keepers of the Fire

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