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 Post subject: [plugin guide] mcMMO
PostPosted: 11 Sep 2012, 12:32 
Lord of Minecraft (2894)
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From the official guide:
Brief Description

mcMMO takes core Minecraft game mechanics and expands them to add an extensive RPG experience, the goal of the project has always been a quality RPG experience. Everything in mcMMO is carefully thought out and is constantly improving. mcMMO adds eleven skills to train in and level in, while also offering a high level of customization for server admins. There are countless features, including custom sounds, graphical elements, and more added when running mcMMO in conjunction with Spout. I carefully read feedback and evaluate the mechanics of mcMMO in every update to provide an ever-evolving experience.

If you want an original RPG experience like no other mod out there, mcMMO is for you.

Feature List

mcMMO is now supporting the 100% optional Spout which allows for client-side modding. For the features in Blue the Spout Client is required, You can get it Here.

- Fully featured mmo-like party system
- Localization
- Robust Skills
- Unique Skill Abilities
- Skill Leaderboards
- Skills that focus on fun gameplay rather than restriction
- Follows an XP system like in an RPG/MMO
- Addictive
- Repair System
- Admin Chat
- Loads of RPG elements
- Very Configurable - Want to make mining take 3x longer to level? You can.
- MySQL Support
- 3 Different HUD Styles (XP BARS, ETC)
- Sound effects added to abilities
- Sound effect for Leveling
- Sound effect for Repair
- Level-up achievement-style notifications
A list of commands:

General Commands

/whois - View detailed information about a player (requires op or the permission node)
/mmoedit - (Requires Permissions) Allows users to modify mcMMO stats freely
/mcmmo - Displays a description of the mod and how to play
/mcc - Displays a list of mcMMO commands in game
/stats - View detailed information on your mcMMO stats
/a - Toggle admin chat or send admin chat messages
/setmyspawn - Set your own personal spawn location stored in a file
/myspawn - Return to your own personal spawn as if you had died (use this instead of suicide)
/xprate <integer> <true:false> - Defines the global XP rate
/<skillname> - Displays information of the skill in game, useful for learning what something does without having to come back here and read about it.

Party Commands

/p - toggle party chat or supply additional arguments to send a message
/party <party_name> - (creates a party with said name or attempts to join)
/invite - (invite player to your party)
/accept - (join a party you've been invited to)
/party lock - (useable by party owner)
/party unlock - (useable by party owner)
/party password <password> - (useable by party owner, party must be locked)
/party password "" - (useable by party owner, party must be locked, disables password)
/party kick <player> - (useable by party owner, party must be locked, cannot kick a user with mcmmo.admin without having mcmmo.admin)
/party owner <player> - (useable by party owner, transfers ownership)
/party <party> <password> - (useable by any, to join a password protected and locked party)
/party ? - (extended help)
/invite and /accept - work with new system

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 Post subject: Re: [plugin guide] mcMMO
PostPosted: 11 Sep 2012, 13:58 
Geek (883)
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Very interesting.

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 Post subject: Re: [plugin guide] mcMMO
PostPosted: 11 Sep 2012, 14:43 
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Looks prime!

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