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PostPosted: 26 Jul 2016, 00:20 
Geek (710)
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Command Book
  • Use of warps (wild1, wild2, wild3, wild4, nether, shop)
  • check the time
  • /whereami command

    Use of
  • Readable Bookshelves
  • Bridges
  • Chair
  • Door
  • Elevator
  • Footprints
  • Gates
  • Hidden Switches
  • Payment based redstone switches
  • Teleporters
Unable to create the above

  • Lock personal chests, furnaces, etc.

  • Use the server market to buy and sell items and buy items at player made shops.

  • Create a residence

  • Can create only 1 residence
  • Can make only 2 physical areas in the residence
  • Max Size 64 x 64 Wide/Long and up to 256 Tall
  • Can buy residences, but cannot sell

  • Set a home by using /home set (Limit 1)
  • Invite players to come to their /home
  • Use /home warp <name> to go to their home
  • Unlock their home to let anyone warp to it

  • Kill naturally spawned mobs for money
  • View personal balance
  • View balancetop
  • Pay players

  • Open chests with blocks above them
  • Access to the starter kit
  • Talk in chat
  • Build
  • Use command signs
  • Place spawners
  • Use WorldEdit wand to select a region
  • Replace TNT with World Edit

Member [M]

    Ability to Create
  • Pipes
  • Bridges
  • Cauldrons
  • Gates & dGates
  • Doors
  • Elevators
  • Hidden Switches
  • Payment activated redstone devices

  • Create a buy quickshop
  • Create a sell quickshop
  • Create a quickshop off a double chest
  • Change price of items without destroying shop

  • Can create 3 residences
  • Maximum 3 physical areas per residence
  • Maximum size 256 x 256 x 256
  • Buy cost, sell cost, and renew cost are all lower than default

Set 2 homes

Veteran [Vet]

  • Can create up to 5 residences
  • Maximum physical areas per residence: 5
  • Maximum size of a residence is 512 x 512 Long/Wide and 256 Tall
  • Buy cost, sell cost, and renew cost are all lower than [M]

  • Can set up to 3 homes

  • /whois
  • Debug clock

Donator Ranks:

Hero [Hero]
  • Hats
  • Sign Colors
  • Custom Nickname (Limit 2 Changes from Original)

Legend [Legend]
  • Colored Nickname
  • Disguise
  • Chat Colors

Staff Ranks

Moderator [Mod]

Admin [Admin]

Head Admin [HeadAdmin]

Owner [Owner]

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