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 Post subject: Bug tracker initiative
PostPosted: 27 May 2013, 20:32 
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Mail sent out to tripwire mailing list, asking the same question around here!


As seen in previous e-mail we're working on launching a bugtracker for the RO2 community to help out both Tripwire and ourselves(the RO2 communities) to more effectively administrate bugs.

Currently the forums are being used which doesn't allow for proper bugtracking. It's difficult to figure out if bugs have previously been reported, if they are confirmed and being worked on by Tripwire.

To battle this we're currently setting up "bugzilla" with Tripwire's approval and commitment.

Before we'll officially present the tracker to the players we want to form a senior administrators team who can over see the activity on the tracker.

We're looking for several "high ranking" senior's who will be able to add bug approvers to the bug trackers team and check their work and instruct them where required.

Once this team has been formed we'll be recruiting "normal" seniors who will help out in checking all the bug reports. Check if they contain the proper information to replicate bugs, or in case we don't know how to replicate them, search for more people experiencing the same issues and then collect as much information as possible. For example used hardware, OS, the current game conditions where they experienced the bug, etc. Once all information is gathered the bug will be changed to "confirmed" status and tripwire will be able to deal with it. Tripwire on their turn will update the bug with progress information, requests for more info, and will be able to mark bugs as "w.i.p., won't fix, fixed. etc".

The tracker will be open to anyone who wants to report bugs. Registration however will be required as this will make it easier to communicate with the players reporting the bugs.

Please have a look in your community and ask around if people are interested in taking on the high ranking senior positions. Please send me a message, either in private or on this list when you have found people wanting to participate.

The bug tracker is currently available on and is setup in a fashion where it will be easy transferable to tripwire if they'd wish so in the future. We're still working on the tracker and have to edit a few templates to remove some useless fields, and add some other useful options. We expect to have the system operational within a week or 2.


Saint K.

PostPosted: 27 May 2013, 21:40 
Has no REAL life! (3491)
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This sounds like a really good initiative. I'd help but I'm not the best at technical stuff and will most likely end up confusing myself/other people. Here's hoping you get a good response from the wider community and the mailing list :5:

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PostPosted: 28 May 2013, 02:34 
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Like the idea, would love to help, but don't consider myself a "high-end admin" just yet, and even if I did, I would be cutting you guys short when I leave for college in September.

Good luck with this, Contact me in the future if you need a normal admin :P

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