[SpA]_BlueFlame_ ?

Interested in joining [SpA] - Post as much info about yourself as you can in here!
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[SpA]_BlueFlame_ ?

Post by _BlueFlame_ »

Well, I thought I might give this a shot someday.

I joined the forums on the 13 Apr 2011, almost 5 years ago. But I've been with you guys for a few months prior to that - back in the days of FreeBuild (Ohh the Nostalgia). Even though I probably could've made this post a while ago, never the less I feel like i've been apart of the SpA community for years (and the SpA community has been apart of me for years also ).

If you don't know who I am - then clearly you don't play minecraft :D . Here is an outdated cringey "Who are you?" post I made some 4 years ago: Who am I? If I had my time again, I would write that a little differently..

From my understanding you have to my 18 years or older to apply. I turn 18 in about 32 days. Close enough? :ugly:

So, you want to be a [SpA]?!
Indeed. Yes I do.

Do you know what you’re applying for?
I also ready see myself as apart of this community, but I would like to make it more 'official'. Being an official member of SpecialAttack means a lot more than simply having [SpA] infront of your name; time and energy is volunteered for the community, in order to help keep the community of SpA to flourish and grow. Sounds like something I would like to be even more apart of.

Can you help the SpA Community?
I've been an on & off Operator on the SMP & Freebuild servers over the years, I know what it means to be a moderator within a community. But aside from that I tend to more so enjoy 'building things'. Currently, I am contriuting to the building of the new server spawn for the SMP 1.9.4 map. I'd post pictures but I think it would be best for it to remain a surprise :) .

Do we know who you are?
If you have ever played on the SMP minecraft servers, then yes.
If not, no (Go play minecraft) :( :D .

SpA is a great community but it is getting smaller. I'd like to think that once this spawn is done, and once adverts are up, we can get the community growing again - like it was in the old days. Whether or not this get accepted I am looking forward to the prosperities of this upcomming map, it's a little exciting :4 .

Tata & Farewell :18
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Re: [SpA]_BlueFlame_ ?

Post by [SpA]Dolf »

Cheers on your application, and good luck. Even if we don't SpAptise you, you should try our other games and be active on #Specialattack (QNet IRC) so we get to know you better. Not that we ever talk of anything important. You're a sound guy in my books, and I expect to see even more of you in the future.
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Re: [SpA]_BlueFlame_ ?

Post by Arbogeddon »

What ever happened to your Olympic dreams?
I agree with Dolf, even though it's a bit hypocritical of me to say due to my absence in SpA for awhile now, you should continue to expand to other parts of the community, whether you gain the [SpA] tag or do not.
Good luck to you!
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Re: [SpA]_BlueFlame_ ?

Post by [SpA]Bucky »

You need to bribe ppl mate.
That helps a lot, always. :ugly:
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Re: [SpA]_BlueFlame_ ?

Post by [SpA]heldplayer »

Nice to see we can get some fresh meat to devour play with!

Good luck with your application mate! :5:

_BlueFlame_ wrote:From my understanding you have to my 18 years or older to apply. I turn 18 in about 32 days. Close enough? :ugly:
Oh, uh, about that....
What are you looking at?

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Re: [SpA]_BlueFlame_ ?

Post by [SpA]Zombakias »

Good luck mate. :5:
Keep in mind what Bucky said. It will definitely increase your chances. :ugly:
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Re: [SpA]_BlueFlame_ ?

Post by [SpA]don_don_don »

Good luck dude :mrgreen:
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Re: [SpA]_BlueFlame_ ?

Post by [SpA]AwesomeFriends »

Age really doesn't matter as long as you're mature enough. I think I was 16 when I first applied and I think I was just about to turn 18 when I got [SpA].

Good luck!
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Re: [SpA]_BlueFlame_ ?

Post by [SpA]JuncoPartner »

Good to see you back :5:

Yeah we stopped the minimum forum or member age thing. It helps if you're 18+ for joining SpA but it's not important.
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Re: [SpA]_BlueFlame_ ?

Post by [SpA]Haladir »

Ey! Good luck mate!
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Re: [SpA]_BlueFlame_ ?

Post by [SpA]Hey_Blinkin »

Good luck BlueFlame
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Re: [SpA]_BlueFlame_ ?

Post by tscuzimbrown »

Good luck!!
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