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Match making

Post by [SpA]SaintK »

So I've been playing a few matches on TF2 during the weekend. One thing I found is that, which was to be expected, you run into a lot of noobs. Currently it's a sort of FFA deathmatch in two teams.

This is best played with a party of at least a few. Anyone up for some games soon?

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Re: Match making

Post by [SpA]Scatterbrain »

Yep - gonna be home in a couple of days and I'll be testing out everything to do with the new update :5:
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Re: Match making

Post by [SpA]JuncoPartner »

Match making may improve once it's had more time to determine player skill, though I'm not all that clued up on how this new system works. In any case I'll be up for some lobby fun :5:
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