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 Post subject: Team balance
PostPosted: 27 Feb 2011, 23:03 
Illiterate (3)
I was playing on your server today and I was having this conversation with some of your members. I had just joined, and RED was down 2-0 or something on Payload Badwater Basin, and pretty much getting hammered the other team. It was obvious just by looking at people's scores that the teams were not very balanced.

[SpA]Censor3000 connected
[SpA]Censor3000 : hey guys
[SpA] Vögelchen : hi
*DEAD* matude : heya
gamerbox : hi
matude : wanna join red? :D
*DEAD* Caboose : that would be appreciated
He joins Blu. (Not really a problem in itself.)

Caboose : im looking at the points and im not seeing balanced teams
[SpA] Vögelchen : you win in 3mins...
Caboose : eh no
Caboose : if u try, no
*1 minute later, they win*
Caboose : what did i say?

Next round:
Caboose : so interested in switchin up the teams a bit for balance and fun?
[mpl]ecen : nothing to do with balance.. we hade only snipers and engies until the final point.
Caboose : exactly, ecen?
(ecen was on Blu)
[SpA] Vögelchen : If we admins see stacked teams we will scramble. If we see steamrolls because of stupidity and wrong classes we wont.
Caboose : so u thought that was stupidity and wrong classes then (I completely disagree, this is more than that)
[SpA] Vögelchen : Yes thanks for translating.

At the end of the round:
Caboose : have you thought that some players are just noobish or "stupid" as you say? (Trying to explain that wrong classes and "stupidity" is actually just part of the game. There will always be noobs and poor players, the thing is to try to balance the teams accordingly. By the way, the classes people chose weren't really the issue.)
[SpA] Vögelchen : Caboose if you want to flame me you have picked the wrong person. I dont want to.

The round finishes with a lockout; Blu doesn't reach one checkpoint.

Next map, I reply (didn't have time to before the maps switched):
Caboose : im not a whole lot interested in flaming either bud
Caboose : im more interested in seeing balanced teams
[SpA] Vögelchen : !gag cab
[SM] ADMIN: Gagged Caboose.


 Post subject: Re: Team balance
PostPosted: 27 Feb 2011, 23:57 
Geek (856)
User avatar
Hello Caboose,

thank you for registering on our forum to discuss this matter.

Balance is never a trivial thing. You are right the games public balance is about playing the right classes and using the right teamplay. To be honest these are the only two major points the balance is about. We as admins pretty often hear a quick demand for scramble if one team seems to be weaker than the other. Many of our players are regular visitors and so we often can judge if one team has clearly the better players than the other. Of course this judging can be misleading sometimes.

In the case you mentioned both teams had equally good players I know of and an equally large bunch of players I never met. If a single medic + whatever combo can own an opposing team then something is wrong in the owned team. If this happens you can either moan about and sooner or later annoy the population of the server, give usesful hints to your team, play a class which can counter this or other combos or leave the server.

So what is this all about? In the following case we will do a scramble, ask players to switch or switch ourselves to the other team:
- One team has more skilled players than the other

In these cases we won't do anything besides saying "lol" "l2p" or depending on our mood something a bit more friendlier:
- No teamplay in the owned team
- Wrong classes in the owned team

I told you all these things in some very shortened sentences ingame. You continued to moan about balance and teams so I gagged you after a warning.

To be honest I don't know what you want to tell us or me specificially with your posting. Balance will never be absolutly equal. We try to our best to have a joyful game for both sides but we will never try to achieve the perfect balance. This game is about winning and loosing and not some zen garden.

I hope you will visit us again and enjoy loosing and winning on our servers.


Hansieil wrote:
You are all. A bunch of faggots

 Post subject: Re: Team balance
PostPosted: 28 Feb 2011, 00:11 
Illiterate (3)
It's just funny you would accuse me of flaming, then gag me as if I was flaming. Where exactly was I flaming, bud?

On the case of balance, you won 4 rounds in a row on that map. And I only witnessed 2 of them, but it was enough for me who don't know any of the regular players on SpA to say that the teams were heavily unbalanced. You mention that a single medic + whatever combo owned our team. This may have been the case in one of the rounds, in the last 20 seconds or so, but it clearly wasn't what was happening the rest of the time.

You say that you knew an equal amount of good players on both teams and didn't know an equal amount of other players. Well, I didn't know anybody on either team, but I could still easily tell after 2 rounds that it was not just bad decicions made by good player's that you know that made one team dominate the other. (You ended up with a lockout and 4-0.)

I think there is a difference between "zen", as you say, and at least an attempt at balancing teams.


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