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 Post subject: Ranks & Abilities
PostPosted: 31 Jul 2020, 21:33 
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/BanInfo [PlayerName]/[IP] - Shows you why [PlayerName] was banned, by who and when.
/Bind [OriginalBlock] <ReplacementBlock> - Assigns one block type to another. Allows you to build block types that may not normally be built directly, such as: admincrete, water, grass, lava, doublestep.
/Cancel - Using this after using a command such as cuboid will stop you doing the cuboid command.
/Clear - clears chat from your screen.
/Commands - Shows a list of all available commands to you.
/Deafen - Stops all messages (messages don't show in your chat)
/Grass - Changes every dirt block you place into grass, until you use the command again.
/Help - Shows a list of help commands
/Ignore [Player] - Stops you receiving any messages from [Player]
/Info [Player] - Shows Stats of [Player] such as, time on server, rank, kicks, etc.
/Join [World] - Moves you to [World]
/Players - Shows a list of people online.
/RankInfo [Rank] - Shows all commands that [Rank] has access to.
/Ranks - Shows you a list of ranks and how many people have said [Rank]
/Roll - gives a random number between 1 and 100 unless you specify differently.
/Rules - shows you a list of rules and where to find more info.
/Static - toggles repetition of last command.
/ServerInfo - Shows server stats.
/Spawn - Sends you to the set spawn.
/Unignore [ Player] - Unignores previously ignored [player]
/Worlds - Shows a list of worlds
/ZInfo [ZoneName] - Shows you information about [ZoneName]
/Zones - Shows a list of zones in map.
/ZTest - Allows you to place a block to see if it would be affected by a zone.

/Lava - When enabled any red block you place is replaced with lava.
/Measure- Tells you the number of blocks between two blocks you place.
/TP [Player] - Sends you to where the [Player] is.
/Water - When enabled any blue block you place is replaced with water.

/BInfo - Allows you to place a block and tells you of anyone who has placed or deleted a block in that space.
/Copy - Copies an area of blocks on a map between two blocks you select.
/CopySlot [Number] - Allows you to paste a copied section saved as [Number]
/Cuboid - Makes a cuboid between two blocks you select.
/CuboidH- Makes a hollow cuboid between two blocks you select.
/CuboidW - Makes a wireframe cuboid between two blocks you select.
/Cut - Copies and deletes the selected area.
/Ellipsoid - Makes a circle if 1 block high, or an elongated sphere (if otherwise) between two blocks you select.
/EllipsoidH - Makes a hollow ellipsoid.
/Freeze [Player] - Prevents [Player] from moving and building.
/Line - Makes a straight line between two blocks you select.
/Mark - Effectively "places" a block at your position, allows you to finish a command without actually placing a block.
/Mirror -
/Paint - Replaces any block you click with the block you are holding
/Paste - Pastes any blocks you have copied.
/PasteNot [Block] - Pastes any blocks you copied apart from [Block]
/Redo - Redoes the last thing you /undid.
/Replace [Block1] <Block2> - Replaces all [Block1] with <Block2> between any two blocks you select.
/Rotate [90]/[180]/[270]/etc - Rotates something you have copied clockwise by [angle]
/Undo - Undoes the effects of your last drawing command.
/Sphere - Creates a sphere between two blocks you select
/SphereH - Creates a Hollow sphere between two blocks you select
/Triangle - Creates a triangle between 3 points you select
/TriangleW -Creates a wire-frame triangle between 3 points you select
/Unfreeze [Player] - Unfreezes a [Player] who was frozen
/Where [Player] - Gives you the co-ordinates and the map where [Player] is

/Bring [Player] - Brings player to your current location.
/Brush [Type] - gives any drawing commands you use the effect of [type]
/Hide - Makes you invisible to lower ranks
/Fill2D - Fills a continuous area with blocks, in 2D. Direction of effect is determined by where the player is looking.
/Kick [Player] <Reason> - Removes [Player] from the server. <reason> is vital, it is saved in their Info.
/Patrol - Sends you to a guest who hasn't been visited for longest, loops around the guests.
/SpecPatrol - Combines functionality of/Patrol and /Spectate.
/Spectate - When you "spectate" another player, you follow the first-person view of another player.
/Torus - Makes a donut between two points you select.
/Unban [Player] - unbans [player], allowing them to join the server
/Unhide - Makes you visible to lower ranks
/Unspectate - stops you /spectating

/Say [Words] - Says [Words] as a server announcement.
/Solid - Allows you to build with Admincrete
/Timer - creates a publicly-announced countdown


/Ban [PlayerName] <Reason> - Bans [PlayerName], Does not ban they're IP. <Reason> can be seen with /baninfo [PlayerName].
/BanEx [+PlayerName]/[-PlayerName] - Adds or removes an IP-ban exemption for an account. Exempt accounts can log in from any IP, including banned ones.
/BanIP [PlayerName]/[IP] <Reason> - Bans the Player's IP.
/Mute [Player] <Time> - Stops [Player] from talking for <Time>
/Rank [Player] <Rank> {Reason} - Promotes Player to Rank for Reason.
/UnbanIP - Unbans IP
/UndoArea [Player] - Undoes changes made by a given player in the selected area.
/UndoPlayer [Player] <Time/Blocks> - Undoes Player for <Time/Blocks> Time is measured like this: 160 = 160 seconds, 2d11h4m = 2 Days, 11 Hours and 4 minutes.
/Unmute [Player]- unmutes [Player]

/BanAll [PlayerName]/[IP] - Bans [PlayerName], [IP], and all names associated with [PlayerName] and [IP].
/SetSpawn - Sets the place where new players will spawn
/UnbanAll [Player] <Reason> - Unbans all player names who share a given IP address.
/ZAdd [ZoneName] <Rank/Player> -Creates a new rank-restricted/player-restricted zone.
/ZEdit [ZoneName] <Rank> -Sets the minimum required rank for building in the given zone. Instead of rank <+Player> will add a Player and <-Player> will exclude player
/ZRemove [Zone] - Deletes Zone
/ZRename [Zone] <NewZoneName> - Renames Zone.

*Note* Some things in this list may not be accurate anymore. As things are changed or are found to be different in the new server software, this list will be updated.

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