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PostPosted: 26 Jul 2016, 06:34 
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AND ITS TIME! After a lot of hard work and even more building, the server has finally launched! Join in on the fun at the adress

What's new?
There are multiple updated aspects of of our server, such as: ranks, spawn, warps and homes, and a variety of other plugins. With the new map there is a slight change in Management. The team now stands as mbl111, DolfK, and CoDxFeedz


Ranks have been updated and the new ranks are as follows:

Default: Starting SMP rank: is aquired upon joining the server.
Member [M]: Gained by being friendly and active.
Veteran [Vet]: No administrative privledges. Its a rank for players who have been long time members of our server.
Mod [Mod]: This is the first in the administrative ranks. Their role is to moderate the server with access to kick and mute.
Admin [Admin]: Administrative team of the server, handle the bans and such
Head Admin [HeadAdmin]: Heads the admin team.
Owner [Owner]: Manage the server, fix things, mainly break things

More detailed information on ranks can be found HERE

Featured Plugins
With this map, we've tried to change some things while keeping the main goal the same: survival. To keep things fresh and exciting, we have some cool plugins that will be over-viewed briefly.

McMMO is a classic that players always seem to enjoy. It allows players to advance in certain skills and gain perks for leveling up. For a more detailed look, here is a guide to the plugin.

Residence is, again, a player favorite to protect land areas and homes. It's a simple, easy to use protection system that uses money to protect land.

uHome is a new plugin for us, but it seemed to check all the boxes we needed it to in order to fill the shoes of the previous plugin. It allows users to name their homes and easily modify who is and who isn't invited to warp to it. An interesting bit about this plugin is that it allows for the setting of multiple homes. This privilege is reserved for those Member and higher in rank.

This is the current economy plugin we have running on the server. It keeps a balance for each player saved and records a leaderboard of the richest players on the server. The best thing about this plugin though is how easily it interfaces with other plugins that require money or monetary reward. Things like MobBounty, QuickShop, and Residence could not function at all without a wonderful economy based plugin such as this.

Dynmap is a plugin that shows a live map of the server, its players, and much more. You too can see this map at

Hello from Management and we hope everyone has fun on this new map. :4

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PostPosted: 26 Jul 2016, 13:37 
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It would be nice to update dynmap links on and in Dolfs bot

PostPosted: 26 Jul 2016, 14:10 
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Good call! I can do that when I get home if someone else hasn't

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