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PostPosted: 30 Jul 2020, 13:34 
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This forum is for ban, kick, or demotion appeals, or project applications only.


We offer a ban/kick/demotion forum so that people who should not be banned/kicked/demoted can get the action reversed. If you were banned or demoted for a valid reason, you better have a very good reason why we should unban you (read did your brother grief on your account to be rewritten) and if you were kicked for a valid reason, don't bother appealing it.

If you'd like a map of your own to work on a project you can also use this forum to apply for it. Please also use the appropriate template when making your application.

If your post does not follow the templates outlined below an admin may toss you a post asking you to update your appeal if they're feeling nice, but otherwise, it will be ignored.

When using the templates, replace the stuff in { ... } with whatever applies to your situation.

Ban/Kick/Demotion Appeals:

[{type} Appeal] - {Your Username}
When: {The date of the ban/kick/demote (dd/mm/yy)}
Who: {The admin that ban/kicked/demoted you}
Reason Given: {What was the ban/kick/demotion reason GIVEN (This will appear as you are kicked from the server, or under your /info for a demotion.)}

{Why we should unban/unkick/repromote you}
[Kick Appeal] - Riketzu

When: 30/07/2020
Who: heldplayer
Reason Given: AFKing

I was not farming hours, I was simply AFK because I had to go to the toilet
It should be noted however that you are accountable for your account's actions. If someone else has access to your account, even accidental access, and uses it to break server rules, we will still take action against your account. If, for instance, a sibling of yours uses you account to grief our server, you will still be held accountable for that grief.

If people that you do not trust have access to the computer you use to play, we suggest disabling the "remember my password" option on your ClassicCube/Minecraft client and internet browser.

Project Applications:

[Application] - {Your Username} - {Project Title}
Who: {Your username, and the usernames of anybody you'd like to help you with the project}
Preferred map size: {How big of a map would your project require?}
Preferred map name: {What would you like the map be called (you may not necessarily get this name though)}
Additional map parameter requests: {Extra stuff like generation parameters (grass/arctic/desert/forest/hell/swamp and empty/ocean/archipelago/atoll/bay/dunes/flat/hills/ice/island/lake/mountains/peninsula/random/river/streams) or world border settings (water/admincrete level)}

{Give a short description of your proposed project and why we should provide a custom map for you}

What are you looking at?

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